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30 Football Twitter accounts you should be following in 2023

12 January 2023 14 minutes

Football Twitter can be known for being toxic and not a very nice place to spend your free time browsing the web. So we decided to create a little ‘directory’ of football accounts you should follow to make your time scrolling on twitter a little more enjoyable, and maybe even informative!

Without wasting any more time, here are out top 31 twitter accounts you must follow. In no particular order lets begin…

1. Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano)

The Italian journalist is one of the most trustworthy sources of football news/gossip. If you want to hear about something first he is your man! In fact, he is such a big influence in the online space when it comes to football we wrote an entirely separate blog about him which you can read here.


HLTCO is a Crystal Palace fan and runs a Palace podcast along side a more generic Football Podcast. You will find a constant stream of football news and media clips on his social channels and good, honest, unbiased opinions on a variety of football topics from the weekends games to how the beautiful game is run.

He was also once called “some tit who runs a blog” – by Stan Collymore, whats not to love!

3. Footy Scran (@FootyScran)

We all love a pie and a pint at the football, footy scran based their account of just that. The best meals you can buy in and around football stadiums across the world. From Old Trafford, to the Tokyo Dome and back, they have you covered with the price and photos to match.

4. Statman Dave (@StatmanDave)

If you have spent anytime in the football twitter space you almost certainly would have come across on Statman Dave tweet. His stat analysis of live football games are detailed and informative giving you a real insight to whats happening on the pitch.

For those of you who listen to the Peter Crouch Podcast, Statman Dave has been a regular giving some statistical insight.

5. StatsBomb (@StatsBomb)

Sticking with the stats accounts, we have StatsBomb. They use a variety of creative graphs and charts to display a range of interesting data. At their core is a piece of software they sell which provides such detailed statistics.

For those of you who love detailed analysis of players, clubs and leagues this is certainly one for you.

6. Euro (@EuroExpert_)

Euro Experts is a great profile to follow if you are looking to find the latest talents and high performers from around Europe. There is a variety of media types from written content, to statistical diagrams and, most commonly, video breakdowns which include their signature drawing of each player discussed.

7. Football Daily (@footballdaily)

Football Daily, is… well you guessed it football on the daily. From the latest interviews, football clips and breaking news they have you covered. This along with their YouTube videos create an excellent source for all things football related to ensure you are always in the loop.

8. Hamill (@CPHamill)

One of the creators from Football Daily, Chris is one to follow if you are interested in football opinions, player performance/statical breakdowns and a LOT about Celtic. His in depth opinions and analysis is a great kickstarter for a thread of conversation and other opinions.

9. Dougie Critchley (@DougieCritchley)

Dougie is another one of the creators from Football Daily who offers another space for football conversations and opinions. He regularly tweets about he beloved Sunderland but moreover, his analysis of football around Europe is in-depth and insightful.

10. Joe Thomlinson (@joethomlinson)

The final member of the Football Daily team I am going to include on this list. While his content is very Man United heavy he does offer a platform for conversation while mixing in some good analysis of games and players performances.

11. Football Transfers (@Transfersdotcom)

Does what it says on the tin. It’s another source for keeping upto date with the latest transfers and speculation. They produce articles about the transfers and rumours for you to browse and grow your knowledge.

12. d3d4football (@d3d4football)

The lower leagues of the EFL is a world of its own, some crazy goals, some crazy skills and some crazy fans! D3D4 Football shines a light on it all with no stone left unturned. Transfers, results and statistics they cover it all!

13. Cult Kits (@cultkits)

If you are a football geek like me this is a twitter account you should follow. While the account is used as to promote their shirts for sale they do so in such a way where you cant help but be in awe of some of the beauties they have available.

14. These Footy Times (@thesefootytimes)

Just a mixture of everything. With their main service is a magazine they regularly tweet out a whole host of content. From On this day style content, to creative artwork and showing some of the best footballing moments from the past, its certainly one to follow.

15. The Near Post (@TheNearPostEFL)

In their own words ‘Numbers and words about the oldest (and the best) football league competition in the world’. They cover players and clubs stats across the EFL, from the teams flying high to those rooted to the bottom of the league they regularly post stats about them all.

16. Scouted Football (@scoutedftbl)

We gave these guys a shout out in our Top 5 Magazines list, and they are back again to make our list of top Football Twitter accounts. They cover football all over the world giving you in-depth analysis of the upcoming youngsters from every continent.

17. Jabulani XI (@JABULANIXI)

Named after the football used in the 2010 South Africa World Cup their twitter account is used to promote all aspects of African Football. From the clubs in the continent to the players who are situated around the globe, they bring attention to the stars of today and the stars of tomorrow.

18. Copa90 (@Copa90)

The Home of Football, they have produced unrivalled content for years. They YouTube channel has grown into a library of mini documentary’s of football stories from around the world. Their social channels are just another aspect which brings this all together.

19. Eli (@ElMengem)

Eli is one of the director’s and presenters for Copa90. His football knowledge, stories and content is one to behold. His ability to paint a picture with words in incredible and it seems like every week he has traveled thousands of miles around the globe to get you to the most intriguing games.

20. No Score Draws (@CheapPanini)

One to cheer you up. CheapPanini is run by a couple who use their ‘artisitc abilities’ to create their own football stickers, from player headshots to iconic football momentds they have drawn them all. The Picasso(s) of the modern era.

21. Classic Football Shirts (@classicshirts)

The timeless twitter account of Classic Football Shirts is sure to make your feed a better place to be. They regularly post out the best classic football shirts from throughout the era’s and yet they still amaze me with shirts I hadn’t seen before. If you have time it’s also worth looking at their shop.

22. James Horncastle (@JamesHorncastle)

James is a content writer for The Athletic focusing on their Seria A coverage. His coverage of the Italian league is in-depth and insightful. It includes a lot of reposting other Seria A new sources sources giving you a good insight to all the latest news and stories.

23. Michael Cox (@Zonal_Marking)

Michael is also a writer for the Athletic. His expert ability to analyse the style of play and tactics of teams and individuals is available for all to see on his timeline.

24. Rory Smith (@RorySmith)

Rory is a top football journalist for the New York Times. While he isn’t the most regular twitter user you will find the content he publishes is insightful and well thought-out. He published a book about how data changed the way we all see football. Thats all you really need to know!

25. Andy Brassell (@andybrassell)

A UK based sports journalist who has worked for almost every football broadcaster possible. His well articulated tweets can shine some light on some topics that maybe get missed by the usual football fan.

26. Miguel Delaney (@MiguelDelaney)

As the chief footballer writer at the Independent a lot of his posts are referencing a recent article he has written (which are well worth reading if you have the time). The speed in which is can produce well informed, engaging and relevant content is impressive.

27. OptaJoe (@OptaJoe)

Stats, stats and more stats. OptaJoe supply a huge range of statistical data for a wide range of leagues and players around Europe, although they do have a heavy focus on the English leagues.

28. Swiss Ramble (@SwissRamble)

The Swiss Ramble is a blog about the finances of the beautiful game. They write a whole host of blogs regarding a whole host of financial topics including the buying and selling of football clubs, individual teams financial statements and the money involved in specific transfers. While it might sound boring its truly fascinating to read about all the intricate details involved in the multi-billion pound industry.

29. 101 Great Goals (@101greatgoals)

All the latest football happenings from around the world. They include a variety of content types from info graphics to blogs to whet your appetite. They discuss transfers, recent results and on form players, creating an environment for discussion.

30. Nick Harris (@sportingintel)

Nick has many twitter threads regarding the financial and political stories within the game. His detail to every story helps give his audience a great understanding as to the happenings in the more complicated areas of football.

While everyone will have their own preferences on who to follow this is a good place to start when looking to get your twitter feed a little more interesting. From the SwissRamble explaining the finances behind the beautiful game to Copa90’s documentaries from around the world and to HLTCO’s thread about the pettiness in football we can all get behind.

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