Fabrizio Romano

Who is Fabrizio Romano

5 October 2022 5 minutes

Here We Go!

Fabrizio Romano is a 29 year old, Italian born sports Journalist who is one of the most reliable sources for football transfers. He has announced hundreds of transfers and contract deals before any other source.

It all started at 16 when after a childhood of dreaming to be a footballer, however, he knew deep down he would never make the cut in a an ever growing and competitive sport. For him sports Journalism was a no brainer. He would write articles and distribute them for free to small Italian football blogs in the hope they would run the article free of charge.

Fast forward 13 years and he is one of the biggest football journalists in the world with a huge network of contacts and the footballing world hanging on his every word.

His well known slogan ‘Here we go’ usually indicates a new transfer story and then has his audience captivated on his every tweet.

What was Fabrizio Romano’s first transfer story?

As mentioned above Fabrizio started off writing blogs as a hobby and would send his articles out to football websites in Italy. One day an aspiring agent who lived in Barcelona contacted him asking for a brief article to be written about him so he could send it to Gerard Deulofeu and Mauro Icardi. Although this seems incredibly optimistic now, at the time Icardi & Deulofeu were 18 & 17 respectively and in the Barcelona youth set up.

Fabrizio tells how the agent got the two players as his clients and they both stayed in contact. After a short while Romano broke the story that Icardi was off to Sampdoria having left Barcelona thanks to a tip off from the agent. While this is regarded as his ‘First News’ it was nothing that set the world alight as he was moving from youth football to the Italian second division.

However, 2 years later the agent called again and this time the news he was about to break would change his life forever. He was able to publish news that Icardi was off to Inter Milan in the summer of 2014 a whole 6 month before the news was made official. ‘He said I had helped him at the start of his career, and now it was his turn to help me’ – said Fabrizio.

With this scoop he was able to land a job at Sky Sport Italia and the rest was history. He now supplies articles for The Guardian, CBS Sports and caughtoffside while still reporting for Sky Sports Italia alongside his own personal projects and social media feeds.

How does Fabrizio Romano get his scoops?

How can it be that Fabrizio Romano is able to get the latest news before the mainstream press or the clubs themselves can announce it?

Over recent years Fabrizio Romano has worked hard on building relationships with agents, staff from inside major clubs and players. Using his wide network of Intel he gets the scoop and acts upon it far quicker than any mainstream outlet.

While his first contact could have been seen as a bit of fortune (as written about above), the contacts he would have got and nurtured during his time at Sky Sports Italia will almost certainly be unrivalled.

We may never know for sure but its safe to presume he must have the biggest directory of football related contacts in the world!

Who does Fabrizio Romano Support?

Despite growing up and living in Italy Fabrizio Romano interestingly announced that he supports Watford. Yes the same Watford that are currently sitting in the English second division! In a tweet dated 9th August 2019 he posted “I support Watford because it has been my club on Fifa and Football manager since 15 years! And because of their Italian ownership! I’d like to come back at Vicarage soon @WatfordFC.”