Football Magazine - Scouted Ftbl

Top 5 football magazines in 2023!

29 January 2022 3 minutes

View the latest top football magazines we recommend for 2022. As keen football fanatics we like to keep upto date with the goings on in the European game and beyond. We have chosen the 5 magazines we like the most and provide you a variety of different footballing topics.

1. Scouted Magazine – Football Magazines

Football Magazine - Scouted Ftbl

Scoutedftbl Magazine is the perfect way to find the next generation of talent. It highlights the very best youth from across the globe. It gives detailed analysis of the players gameplay and gives a plethora of unique stats and figures.

If you are someone who loves finding latest hidden gem in football manager or are looking at the ‘ones to watch’ on Fifa then this is the football magazine for you.

2. Four Four Two

Football Magazine - FourFourTwo

Four Four Two is a monthly subscription magazine that is packed full with everything to do with Football. It includes interviews with current players & Iconic legends, transfer rumours, match analysis and so much more.

They have been in the game since 1994 and as a result have some of the best journalists, content writers and designers in the football magazine world. If you want to feel like you are on a journey and learning something different I would recommend this one for you.

3. Match of the Day

Football Magazine - MOTD Magazine

If you want to find out the latest football gossip, this is the magazine for you! It gives you the latest stories that are currently circling the football world along with exclusive interviews, games and tutorials on how to improve your game!

The weekly football magazine is a lighter read in comparison to some of the other magazines on this list and you would usually find some activities or challenges to complete for some extra interactivity.

4. World Soccer

Football Magazine - World Soccer

This Magazine is for you if you’re after the low down on all the news coming out of world football. World Soccer cover a whole host of domestic and international competitions.

Analytical articles, hidden gems, fixture previews and exclusive interviews this monthly magazine.

5. Match

Football Magazine - Match

The Match Magazine saw its first issue released in 1979 and unlike some of the other magazines on this list it targets a younger audience. You can ofter find small novelty gifts in the magazine along with the latest gossip from your favourite teams.

So, there you have it, our top 5 magazines. Have we inspired you to go take a look at one of the above? Do you have any recommendations for us? Let us know by tweeting us @thehalftimepint.