Fabrizio Romano

What team does Fabrizio Romano support?

1 August 2023 3 minutes

Fabrizio Romano is a well-known football journalist who over the past few years has risen to fame for commonly being the reporter who gets the transfer gossip first. But what team does Fabrizio Romano support?

Having been born in Naples in Italy, it would make sense for him to support Napoli, his local team. Maybe he would have supported either Italian giant Inter Milan or AC Milan but he didn’t fancy either of those. Later on in his childhood, Juventus began to dominate Italy, but still, that didn’t take his pick.

Instead, he fell in love with….Watford?!?

Why does Fabrizio Romano support Watford?

Romano first let slip where his loyalties lie in August 2019 when he tweeted: ‘I support Watford because it has been my club on Fifa and Football manager since 15 years! And because of their Italian ownership! I’d like to come back to Vicarage soon @WatfordFC’.

In 2019 he also responded to a Watford post suggesting that Troy Deeney moment is one of the greatest footballing moment of all time. He also describes it as ‘my favourite moment by far, it was absolutely incredible’.

In 2023 he traveled to Vicarage Road and took a tour of Watfords stadium with a beaming smile as he was shown around the ground and facilities. While he had previously been 3 times to the stadium it was his first time having a tour around. He described Vicarage Road as ‘special’.

Who is Fabrizio Romano’s favourite player?

While he hasn’t ever stated his favourite player he has listed Diego Fabbrini, Marco Motta, Marco Cassetti & Fernando Forestieri as some of the more iconic names who have followed the path of Seria A to Watford. He hopes the steady stream of Italian players into the club continues.

It’s safe to also assume Troy Deeney might be on that list of his favourite players 😉

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