Top 9 Football YouTube Accounts

29 September 2023 8 minutes

The world has evolved quite a lot from the days when the only place you could get football news was the back page of the newspaper. The digital age has given a a whole range of media for us all to embrace including YouTube! From breathtaking goals to in-depth analysis, the platform has become a treasure trove for all things football-related. Whether you’re a die-hard fan seeking highlights of your favorite team’s victories, a tactician looking to analyse the beautiful game, or simply looking for some entertaining football content, YouTube has it all.

To help you navigate this vast world of football content, I have compiled a list of the Top 12 Football YouTube Accounts that every football fan should subscribe to. Whether you’re interested in the latest news, the greatest moments, or the future of the sport, these YouTube accounts have got you covered.

Join me as we take a closer look at these footballing gems, exploring their unique offerings, their passionate creators, and the footballing magic they bring to our screens. So, grab your virtual season ticket and get ready for a thrilling ride through the best of football on YouTube!

1. Copa90 Stories

Where football meets culture. When it comes to YouTube channels dedicated to football, Copa90 Stories stands out as a true gem. They delve deep into the cultural side of the beautiful game, connecting fans with the heart and soul of football in a unique and captivating way.

In a world saturated with football content, Copa90 Stories manages to stand out by offering something more profound, more meaningful. It captures the essence of why football is known as the “universal language” and reminds us all that there’s a unique story to be found within the game, no matter where you look. For those seeking a deeper connection to the sport they love, Copa90 Stories is the ultimate destination—a place where football meets culture, and where the beautiful game becomes a canvas for the stories that define our world.

Copa90 also feature in our top instagram accounts blog & top twitter accounts blog. Why not take a list at the full list of either of those aswell!

2. Tifo Football

“In-depth tactical, historical and geopolitical breakdowns of the beautiful game.” This is how they describe their content and it perfectly sums up what you might expect. From manager’s analytical breakdowns to the history of football clubs and the discussion of why transfer fees aren’t as important as they once were, there is certainly something for you here.

They have a unique way of presenting their content in some really nice-looking infographic-style animations that ensure the content remains interesting and informative.

3. Football Daily

As suggested by the name they upload football content, on a daily….shock. Their content is thoroughly engaging and while there is the odd crazy football opinion that is rather controversial it is a great place for conversations and debates!

They upload a wide range of football-based content from top 10’s to heated debates on the week’s footballing action. A personal favourite is their ‘Sunday Vibes’ videos which cover a whole range of footballing topics from around the world.

4. AwayDays

Ellis Platten runs the YouTube channel AwayDays, a channel that was initially dedicated to traveling and sitting in the away end of stadiums to showcase the experiences of the average fan traveling the length of the country to support their team.

While this sort of content is still regularly created Ellis has also expanded out into content surrounding classic football shirts, exploring football stadiums around the world, and other football fan experiences.

5. FourFourTwo

FourFourTwo focuses’ its content on tactical analysis from topical subjects surrounding the Premier League. Their content will take them from analysing a player’s performance, a team’s results, or even a new style of play. But it’s not just the good they analyse, if your team is playing poorly they will be sure to give you a 10-15 minute breakdown as to why that might be!

6. Ben Foster Cycling GK

Ben Foster, recognise that name? He once played for Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion & Watford to name a few. He most recently played and retired at Wrexham. He has started a podcast that delves into his footballing experiences and he is surprisingly open to sharing the good and the bad of being a professional player.

7. HITC Sevens

Alfie Potts Hamer is a footballing journalist who runs the YouTube channel HITC Sevens. He has best described the channel – ‘From the worst owners to the most prolific goal scorers, HITC Sevens takes a look at the seven best, worst, funniest, oldest or weirdest features of football’s past and present.

The home of short football lists and documentaries on YouTube, subscribe now for lists of seven from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, international football, and much more, all by Alfie Potts Harmer.’

There isn’t much more for us to add to this!

8. The Coaches Voice

This is a great, unique channel that sits down with high-profile football managers & coaches who are at the top of their game. They reveal their footballing breakdown from special games or their tactical approaches to their philosophy. It gives a great insight into a coach’s mind and allows you to get to know the masterminds behind the beautiful games.

9. Arsenal Fan TV

Most of these channels give you a good analytical breakdown of football games or players as this YouTube channel is pure carnage. It shows the ups and downs of being a football fan as they interview a range of Arsenal fans with different opinions. They were the first fan channel to kick on and reach a wider audience and it’s clear to see why!

Well, there we have it! My top 9 picks for the best football YouTube channels. What are your thoughts, have I missed someone out, let me know on Twitter!