18 Football Instagram accounts you should be following!

30 July 2023 6 minutes

We all love scrolling through Instagram, but what if we told you we could spice up your timeline with 18 accounts you could follow. Well, you are in the right place, here is a ‘directory’ of accounts we recommend. We have included some ‘popular’ accounts to follow as well as some of the ‘hidden gems’.

1. Copa90

Copa90’s Instagram is a must-follow for football fans! With diverse content, stunning visuals, and behind-the-scenes access, they showcase global football culture. They are great at mixing up their content from interviews, to short documentaries and then informative posts, there is something for everyone.

2. Classic Football Shirts

Essential for football-shirt fans! Explore rare jerseys, iconic moments, and football history. Engaging and nostalgic content awaits, with unique visuals and global appeal. Join the jersey-loving community now!

3. Scouted Football

For those of you who are regulars here, you will notice I have sung Scouted Football’s praise on numerous occasions. They are great at posting interesting content about the most up-and-coming footballing youngsters for the world to enjoy

4. The Padded Seat

This account’s sole purpose is to review hospitality & premium experiences in a short video format. It gives you a great insight into what clubs offer in their hospitality packages and how they compare.

5. TalkSport

Keep up to date with EVERYTHING football related. They post regular football gossip, the latest transfers, and funny clips & opinions from their radio station.

6. WellOffside

This account captures the amazing beauty of football, from the fans to the players, the backstreets of a rundown ground to the warm pie. They have perfectly captured the essence of football that we all love.

7. Four Four Two

Essentially a magazine article in every post. Some wonderful graphics and insightful articles make this a perfect page that keeps us up to date with the latest stories while also including some other style content.

8. Tifo Football

In-depth tactical breakdowns of the beautiful game in wonderfully presented videos. Their knowledge and ability to easily convey information is pure delight. From formational breakdowns to analysing the success of players/managers.

9. The Away Days

A great page showing the best of English football fans that travel up and down the country supporting their team. From videos of fans on the terrace to those who are traveling up by train, it gives a good insight into football culture.

10. TheCyclingGK

The insight into the life of an ex-professional GK (Ben Foster). The account primarily has clips from his podcast which can prove insightful.

11. Pitch and Paper

Their football content is well-designed and presented. They use their account to promote some of their items on sale on Etsy but the design that goes behind each piece of work is really eye-catching and worth the follow.

12. Art of Football

A real insight into football culture from around the world. This account showcases the very best of football all through the lens of a camera. It’s worth giving them a follow!

13. Onthisdayfc

We all love reminiscing over the ‘good old days’, well this is the account to follow. They regularly post about footballing events that happened over history on the same day. It’s always interesting to see their posts and it tends to choose more niche events!

14. 8bitfootball

As described in their bio ‘Football art in low resolution’. That’s it, low-quality art reminiscing over the greats of the game and some of those who are still kicking the ball today.

15. Football 35mm

This account dedicates itself to showing modern footballing moments through the lens of a 35mm film camera. It gives a great perspective and is amazing how footballing moments & emotions are captured.

16. Football is Everywhere Mag

This account doesn’t focus on the glamour of the Premier League or other top divisions in Europe. Instead, its sole aim is to shine some light on the beauty of football in some of the more remote locations around the globe. The photography/filmography is great and the storytelling is even better.

17. Welloffside

An account with a huge archive of the most iconic footballing moments the world has ever seen. They are well worth a follow for the nostalgia of some of the moments you might have witnessed live. For those of you who are younger, they give an insight into what football was like decades ago.

18. Analog Football

Another account dedicated to the art of football photography makes the list. It shows off the best work from a community of photographers around the world who capture spectacular moments on their analog cameras.

Well there it is, that’s our list of Football accounts you should be following. But before you go anywhere here is a shameless shoutout to follow us!

Do you think another account deserves to be on this list? Send us a message and we would love to review your suggestions, who knows, it might even make it onto the list!

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