Best Football Pitches

The 10 best football pitches in the world

5 February 2022 7 minutes

Football stadiums are part of the identity of the football teams that play inside them. From the old ones, to the new, to the ones with 100,000 seats to the ones that are just standing and back to full size pitches, half size pitches and everywhere in between we have collated the 10 best football pitches from around the globe! The likes of Anfield, Old Trafford, The Bernabéu, Camp Nou & The Allianz Stadium have nothing on what we are about to show you! Here are the 10 best football pitches in the world.

Below are our top 10 football pitch from around the globe, from the the beaches of the Maldives to the Icy beaches of Greenland to the centre of New York.


Qeqertarsuaq Stadium is located on the south of the Disko Island off the West Coast of the Greenland mainland. The pitch is right on the waters-front edge with the sea and icebergs as the backdrop. The stadium is home to G-44 Qeqertarsuaq who play their football in the top flight of the Greenland football pyramid (The Greenlandic Football Championship).

Best football pitches - Qeqertarsuaq


This seaside football pitch is located in the fishing village of Henningsvær, which is an island located off the north-westerly coast of Norway. The word stadium loosely describes the ‘pitch’ as it has no stands and has a small area to stand a watch the games. However, what it lacks in facilities it makes up for in looks!

Best football pitches - Henningsvaer

New York

The Ground opened in 2019 as a football facility for the community that embraced all ages and genders as well as the local culture. They have both an indoor and outdoor pitch which is used for men, women & youth divisions. You can also hire the pitches for various different events or parties. Who wouldn’t want to play in and amongst the Manhattan skyline?

Best football pitches - New York

Rio de Janeiro

The beating heart of the city, this is how many people describe their football club. Well this football pitch in Catumbi Favela is just that! Embedded in the small town with an approximate 12,500 locals it acts as a key facility for the locals. It is also the worlds first self powered football pitch. There are 200 energy-capturing tiles under the turf which harnesses the kinetic energy from the movement of players above. The energy is then stored and used to illuminate the pitch at night to ensure the players have access for even longer into the night.

Best football pitches - Rio de Janeiro


This pitch is hidden in and amongst Meshchersky park hidden in the outskirts of Moscow. The beautiful scenery is a truly unique setting for a football pitch. The 4G astro turf allows the pitch to be used all. year around by the local community.

Faroe Islands

The Eiði Stadium is located in the north-west of Eysturoy which is one of the islands in the Faroe Islands. It has less than 700 local residents but the stadium is home to EB/Streymur. One miss kick could see the ball floating away into the North Atlantic Ocean. EB/Streymur are semi-professional but play in the Faroe Islands Premier League.

Best football pitches - Eidi Stadium


The Maldives sounds wonderful whatever the occasion but to be able to play on this football pitch with the clear blue water, sand and palm trees as a back drop, thats what dreams are made of! Kandima Maldives is a resort where guest have a whole host of activities such as Diving, water-sports, tennis and of course offer sessions on this stunning football pitch. This must be the one best football pitches in the world for the location alone!

Best football pitches - Maldives


Imotski is a small town situated in the south of Croatia and is home to the Modro Jezero lake. On the lakes mountains edge is the ‘Stadium Our Lady Dolac’ which is home to NK Imotski. The stadium was build in 1989 and was named after a nearby church. The inital concept was dreamed up in 1957/58 but construction didn’t begin until almost over 20 years in 1976.

The stadium sits perfectly carved into the surrounding mountain and village, it is situated 43m above the valley below and seats upto 4,000 spectators.

Best football pitches - Croatia


This pitch is in the shadows of the world famous Eiffel tower and provides and all weather pitch for the local community. The Stadium is know as the Émile Anthoine Stadium and is available to hire here.

Best football pitches - Paris

Uummannaq, Greenland

Similarly to a few of these football pitches in our list, this 3G pitch is located on the waters edge in the seaside town of Uummannaq in Greenland (A small island off the west coast of Greenlands main land).

People have varying opinions for the use of 3G but when you are building a pitch in a town that has temperatures as low as 17°C its the only option to ensure it can be played on all year around.

Best football pitches - Greenland

Right, thats the top 10 best football pitches from around the globe. It shows a great variation in location, size, views and culture.

Everyone has their opinion on what makes a good football pitch or stadium and the above are just a handful of the hundreds/thousands of beautiful pitches around the globe. We would love to know what football pitches you think are the best, let us know by tweeting us @thehalftimepint.