The 4 Best Free Football Stats Websites in 2023

13 November 2023 5 minutes

For some football is about watching the game, feeling the highs and the lows and if your team wins that’s great, but if your team loses…well there is always next week. However, over the past decade or so a new emergence of fans has appeared. The ones who will throw abbreviations at you like G/Sh, G/SOT, or their favourite, XG.

If you are one of those who thinks the deeper dive into football and the statistics behind it are a load of tosh and it’s all about getting the ball in the net then this probably isn’t for you. But if you are a football nerd like myself and want to analyse every small detail of the beautiful game it might be worth you sticking around for a while! I have used this in many articles including my most recent regarding Portsmouth transfer activity. I have also been known to scroll through these websites to find some ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ facts for the thrill of it once in a while.

Here are my top 4 free football stats websites!

1. Fbref is a go-to destination for football enthusiasts and analysts alike, offering a wealth of valuable statistics and information for fans of the beautiful game. They cover all the major leagues plus many other leagues from around the world with varying details.

You can view a whole host of data from a whole range of seasons or simply compare players’ performances. The data available is so vast, ranging from goals and assists to the more obscure details like touches in the opponent’s area and progressive passing. (Just be aware this varies depending on the player & league. Some stats are only available for the top divisions)

Another great feature is that you can compare against other players or against the average which can really help gauge how they are performing.

2. TransferMarkt is a highly regarded platform in the world of football statistics and analysis. It includes a game-by-game breakdown for many players including their high-level stats and minutes played. From this, you can build up a nice little portfolio of a player and their importance to a team.

You can see their market value, transfer history, club trophies, individual awards and so much more.

Just be aware, there are lots of ads! And not just the ones that are retargeted or gambling ones but the spammy-looking ones. You have been warned!

3. 11v11 is a great source of statistics and match results over history. You can search for a large range of teams and compare their h2h history against another. This is super useful when writing analytical pieces on clubs or preparing for commentary work.

They also include club & player profiles, while the detail isn’t quite as extensive as TransferMarkt I find it easier to navigate and find what I am after.

I use this site most often for comparing teams’ historic results vs another.

4. football-data is an underrated platform not just used by those looking to get ahead in the betting game. It’s a repository that unearths the sport’s narrative, enriching the understanding of how a game played out.

They cover a wide range of statistics with their data stretching back to the 93/94 season for the top 4 flights of English football. In the 05/06 season, they introduced data for the Conference League. In the most recent season, their datasets included 94 columns of varying data. Starting with goals for & against and expanding into offsides, bookings, and various bookies odds for the game.

Accessible in both Excel and CSV formats, the data isn’t merely numbers and scores; it’s a great tool for understanding deeper stories within a game or season.

So there we have it, I tried to keep this article fairly short and only included sites that offered something different. Many other sites can be used but they have nothing unique about them. These 4 are my go two that I use when writing an analytical piece because I can be sure there will be hidden gems within. Sure, you can use some of the paid tools but no hobbyist like me has a few thousand lying around!