15 of the best football apps

22 June 2023 9 minutes

It sometimes feels like there are thousands of football apps on the app stores. You may even have many installed already, but here are some of my recommendations for the best football apps.

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5 of the best football live scores apps

1. Flashscores

Flashscore is my go-to app not only for football but all sports. It has great coverage of thousands of teams and over 1,000 football leagues to make sure you never miss a goal! They offer a wide range of information including, live scores, fixtures & results, in-game stats, league standings, and in-game betting odds. This is an all-around great app that any football fanatic should have.

2. FotMob

For anyone who watches YouTube, you will almost certainly have seen a football channel sponsored by FotMob. Their branding is everywhere!

Their easy-to-use app gives you in-game stats for both teams and players. For specific leagues, they also provide deeper analysis and stats for players so you can see how your favourite players are performing.

They also give the latest news on various teams or leagues based on your favourited items!

3. Sofascore

At first glance, Sofascore might look like any other lives score app available but it’s not until you click around do you realise it’s so much more! Their stats/analytics for pre, in-game, and post-match is unlike any other mobile app. They include heat maps, possession-based charts & so much more, for the top 38 leagues around the world!

4. OneFootball

Sure, this app is good at giving you live scores, the latest news, and match highlights. But did you know it also allows you to watch live games?! That’s right, live football! Unfortunately, they don’t have rights to the Premier League but they are slowly growing their repertoire of locations. So far they cover The Danish Superliga, Icelandic Top Football, Professional Football League of Kazakhstan, Latvian Virsliga, Northern Ireland Premiership, Norwegian Eliteserien, Polish Ekstraklasa, Slovak Fortuna Liga & The Swiss Super League, and that’s just in Europe! A whole list can be found here for games streamed on OneFootball.

5. Forza Football

Cool name, cool app! It’s super easy to use and to see live & upcoming games for the 1450 leagues and cups they cover around the world. They even include in-game highlights which means you are always up to date with the latest moments! They also boast about being the fastest for notifications of in-game events meaning you will never miss a moment.

5 of the best football News apps for your phone

1. The Athletic

This is the only app on this list that requires a subscription but it’s certainly worth it. They have some of the footballing world’s biggest journalists writing daily articles from them. All you need to do is simply favourite your desired leagues or teams to get the news straight into your feed. They cover a whole host of leagues and teams all across the world.

2. SkySports

Every man and their dog will have this one installed, so if you don’t, why not. it’s the best way to keep up to date with a whole range of sports and teams. You can favourite various sports, teams, players, or experts to appear in your ‘My Sport’ section.

Simple to use and keeps you up to date with the happenings from around the world, what’s not to love.

3. PL

Granted, this one only keeps you informed on one league but it excels in this topic! It keeps you up to date on games, transfers, interviews, and more to make sure you know everything about the Premier League. It’s also great if you want to consume various different types of media, they include journalist articles, interviews & videos to make sure there is something for everyone.

4. TalkSport

A controversial one and certainly one I wouldn’t take as ‘gospel’. However, their interviews and guests can be second to none sometimes and very insightful. For those of you that like the radio station this app is a must, it allows you to catch up on missed shows which is great for when you can’t tune into your favourite hosts.

5. Goal

Technically I could have included this one in the ‘live scores’ section of this article but I primarily use this for the news feature. I can see the trending & latest news as well as follow my favourite teams, players, and more to create my own custom feed!

The app is built in a great stylish way that’s easy to use and allows you to quickly navigate to the news you want to see.

5 of the best football Games for your phone

1. Score

I might be cheating here because there are actually 2 games under this one brand but ‘Score! Match’ & ‘Score! Hero’ are both great games to pass the time. They are both ‘career’ style games, Score Match plays like an actual match that you can dictate by playing other players online. Score Hero lets you play the key goal-scoring moments as you work your way up the leagues to bigger and better teams.

2. FPL

Fantasy Football is a classic and almost certainly one you have heard of! It allows you to pick your squad, transfer players & work your way up the league. You can enter multiple leagues to compete against various different friendship groups.

3. Super6

Not only does this game allow you to have fun competing against your friends but you are also in with a chance (be it a very small chance) to win £250,000. The concept is simple, predict 6 football results, and you get points for a correct result & a correct score. You can compete against friends in a league to see who really knows football.

4. New Star Soccer

This is an old one but a gold one! I have been playing this on and off for years! You start the game as a promising youngster looking to work your way up the ranks. You have to manage your skills, lifestyle and live a life like a footballer. As described in the app description it’s ‘the perfect marriage of quick play phone games and football management’.

5. Football Manager

Sure, it’s not as good as the desktop version of the game but it helps pass the time when away from your computer. It’s more in-depth than most mobile apps and allows you to start at any team and take them to glory. Imagine FM as you know it but tailored down for a slightly simpler experience. Great for playing on the go and jumping in and out of!

So there it is 15 of my favourite football-based apps. Did I miss any? Let me know on Twitter and who knows, it may appear in this list!