Premier League 2022/23 kits

14 July 2022 10 minutes

It’s the time of the season where teams begin to announce their Premier League Kits kits for the 22/23 season. Some teams are keener than others and have released all 3 kits already, while others are yet to release even sneak preview of any of their kits.

Some teams have gone for their rather traditional colours and styles others have gone more rouge with their selections. It is worth noting, and applauding, Brentford for reusing their 21/22 home kit as their home shirt for the 22/23 season. In a time where fast fashion is the norm and the cost of living is through the roof, Brentford have stepped up to make a difference. You can read their official club statement here.

Without further adieu let’s get started!

Arsenal 2022/23 Premier League kits

Arsenal 22/23 home kit

There are no surprises with Arsenal’s kit for this seasons. They have worn red since they were founded in 1886 and despite some variations in shade have always stayed true to their colours.

Arsenal 22/23 away kit

This black out kit with gold trimmings makes this kit a fan favourite amongst the Arsenal Faithful. The kit concept was leaked months ago but was only released on the 19th July 2022.

Arsenal 22/23 third kit

Aston Villa 2022/23 Premier League kits

Aston Villa 22/23 home kit

Villa have stuck with their traditional claret and blue and as a result there is no surprise with the look of this home kit.

Aston Villa 22/23 away kit

Aston Villa 22/23 third kit

Bournemouth 2022/23 Premier League kits

AFC Bournemouth 22/23 home kit

Traditionally Bournemouth wear a red and black shirt but in this instance they have really changed up the design and gone for a 3D looking effect with the thick stripes.

AFC Bournemouth 22/23 away kit

AFC Bournemouth 22/23 third kit

Brentford 2022/23 Premier League kits

Brentford 22/23 home kit

Its almost like deja vu, Brentford are rocking their 21/22 kit for the next season as they try and help their supporters during the cost of living crisis. This initiative is the first of its kinds in the modern English game.

Brentford 22/23 away kit

Brentford 22/23 third kit

Brighton & Hove Albion 2022/23 Premier League kits

Brighton & Hove Albion 22/23 home kit

Brighton & Hove Albion 22/23 away kit

Brighton has opted for a striking away kit with an orange base and black stripe pattern with black detailings.

Brighton & Hove Albion 22/23 third kit

Chelsea 2022/23 Premier League kits

Chelsea 22/23 home kit

Chelsea have made no real surprises with this seasons home kit, its blue, made by nike and has the same sponsor for the last 2 seasons. The detailing around the collar is a nice touch but ultimately it doesn’t really look much different to what we expect.

Chelsea 22/23 away kit

Chelsea 22/23 third kit

Crystal Palace 2022/23 Premier League kits

Crystal Palace 22/23 home kit

This Palace home kit is obviously including their blue and red stripes but in a new style that we haven’t seen before.

Crystal Palace 22/23 away kit

Crystal Palace have opted for their white shirt with the club red & blue stripe down the centre in a pattern that loosely resembles a marker pen colouring it in.

Crystal Palace 22/23 third kit

Everton 2022/23 Premier League kits

Everton 22/23 home kit

Everton have released a kit with a nice pattern across the chest and in the traditional blue, but there is nothing I really special about this one.

Everton 22/23 away kit

Everton 22/23 third kit

Fulham 2022/23 Premier League kits

Fulham 22/23 home kit

Fulham 22/23 away kit

Fulham 22/23 third kit

Leeds United 2022/23 Premier League kits

Leeds United 22/23 home kit

Leeds United 22/23 away kit

Leeds United 22/23 third kit

Leicester City 2022/23 Premier League kits

Leicester City 22/23 home kit

Since taking up a contract with Adidas they have always used a small element of Gold in their kit but have obviously kept with the traditional blue as the primary base of this shirt with nice detailing around the club crest.

Leicester City 22/23 away kit

Leicester City 22/23 third kit

Liverpool 2022/23 Premier League kits

Liverpool 22/23 home kit

Red, not much else to say really.

Liverpool 22/23 away kit

Liverpool 22/23 third kit

Manchester City 2022/23 Premier League kits

Manchester City 22/23 home kit

The Manchester City home kit follows the Puma template but includes some nice detailing on the sleeve and collar. Ethiad Airways are sponsoring the main kit, making it 10 years in a row (the most of any current premier league sponsor).

Manchester City 22/23 away kit

Manchester City 22/23 third kit

Manchester United 2022/23 Premier League kits

Manchester United 22/23 home kit

United have gone for a more traditional kit, the collar resembled that of one from the mid 90’s and the club badge within the shield resembles a kit of that time aswell.

Manchester United 22/23 away kit

Manchester united last wore a white away shirt in 2015/16 when Adidas first took over the manufacturing of the kit after 13 years with Nike.

Manchester United 22/23 third kit

Newcastle United 2022/23 Premier League kits

Newcastle 22/23 home kit

The Geordies are unsurprisingly repping their famous black and white stripes. Before the announcement there were some rumours they might mix it up under their new ownership but Newcastle fans will be pleased to see the black and white has remained.

Newcastle 22/23 away kit

Some fans are finding this kit a little controversial as it represents the colours of the Saudi Arabia flag (in reference to their owners).

Newcastle 22/23 third kit

Nottingham Forest 2022/23 Premier League kits

Nottingham Forest 22/23 home kit

The kit is designed with a pattern of the ironworks of the Trent Bridge along the sleeves. Trent Bridge is along the route thousands of Forrest fans have taken on their way to the City Ground since their move to the ground in 1898

Nottingham Forest 22/23 away kit

Similar to the home kit they have incorporated the Trent Bridge Ironworks pattern on the sleeve, collar & side of the shirt.

Nottingham Forest 22/23 third kit

Southampton 2022/23 Premier League kits

Southampton 22/23 home kit

Southampton have swerved away from their multiple striped kit to the one down the centre in an Ajax styled shirt. There is also some nice detailing on the white which encompasses the metal work of the local area.

Southampton 22/23 away kit

Hummel have produced another great kit, this time implementing a wave pattern to represent the south coast waves.

Southampton 22/23 third kit

Tottenham Hotspur 2022/23 Premier League kits

Tottenham Hotspurs 22/23 home kit

The spurs kit looks fairly standard with some nice trimmings on the collar and sleeve.

Tottenham Hotspurs 22/23 away kit

This away kit has split opinions amongst fans on twitter with many likening it to a swimming top.

Tottenham Hotspurs 22/23 third kit

West Ham United 2022/23 Premier League kits

West Ham 22/23 home kit

It appears this kit is inspired by their 91-93 kit that includes blue and white stripes across the shoulder. It is also finished with a nice sky bl

West Ham 22/23 away kit

The black shirt is accompanied by a vibrant blue, pink and blue to represent the vibrant area and also as a subtle nod to the 100-year-old ship slipway at Thames Ironworks, which was uncovered in the construction of the recently-opened Elizabeth line.

West Ham 22/23 third kit

Wolverhampton 2022/23 Premier League kits

Wolverhampton 22/23 home kit

Described as ‘Gold’ on the Wolves website this is a rather standard kit but has their new sponsor ‘AstroPay’.

Wolverhampton 22/23 away kit

This teal looking kit took its inspiration from the architecture surrounding the ground.

Wolverhampton 22/23 third kit